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Healthcare premises should be uplifting, reassuring and inspiring places for patients, staff and visitors. Health professionals are aware that peoples lives are enhanced by the arts. The arts are enjoyed and valued as part of our personal well being and development, and as part of community and national life.

These were driving factors throughout the design of the new hospital which has resulted in what we believe will be an excellent facility with a sensitive design that complements natural surroundings, both inside and out.

To assist with this aim the Health Board, working with a local arts production company Wide Open, intends to implement an exciting and ambitious Art Strategy titled “All Our Stories”.

This strategy will help integrate an added dimension into the healing and caring ethos that we envisage for the new facility.

The strategy will consist of a framework of projects which have been developed through consultation with staff, patient and public groups from across our region who have talked about their experiences, what was good or bad, and what would make them better.

By adding this further layer of design to the new facility the aim is for patients, staff and visitors to feel as comfortable and at ease as is possible in a hospital  environment.


To find out more about Wide Open go to

Email:   Tel  07801232229

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