Board Members

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Board Members

Voting Members

Penny Halliday – Chair

Andy Ferguson – Vice Chair

Lesley Bryce

Grace Cardozo

Lorna Carr

Ian Carruthers

Laura Douglas

Jane Maitland

Tommy Sloan

Ros Surtees



Useful Documents and Links

IJB Standing Orders

IJB Register of Members Interests


Non-Voting Members

Julie White – Chief Officer

Katy Lewis – Chief Finance Officer

Lillian Cringles – Chief Social Work Officer

Dr Grecy Bell – Registered Medical Practitioner (Primary Care)

Claire Brown – Third Sector Representative

Dr Ken Donaldson – Registered Medical Practitioner (Secondary Care)

Eddie Docherty – Nursing Representative

Val Douglas – Staff Side Trade Union Representative (NHS)

Ann Farrell – Staff Side Trade Union Representative (Council)

James Gatherum – Scottish Care Representative

Stephen Hare – Chair of Area Partnership Forum

Stella Macpherson – Service Users Representative

Jim McColm – Unpaid Carers Representative

Michele McCoy – Interim Director of Public Health

Substitute Members

Karen Carruthers
Andrew Guisti
David Inglis
David McKie
Ronnie Tait

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