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Clinical & Services Change Programme

Shown below are the headline dates for our new hospital, with construction having started in April of this year and the building scheduled to be handed over to the Health Board in September 2017 – 22 months from now.


Activity Period Elapsed time
Construction: Activities started on site April 2015
Structure complete and Fit Out of Ward Blocks begin January 2016 + 10 months approx
Structure complete and Fit Out of Technical Blocks begin March 2016 + 12 months approx
Structure complete and Fit Out of Women & Children Block begin May 2016 + 13 months approx
Project Co begin familiarisation visits January 2017 +  22 months
Board take delivery of Hospital August/September 2017 + 30 months
Board Commissioning September / December 2017 3 months duration
Migration – First Patient Early December 2017 + 33 months approx


John Knox, Lead General Manager for the Change Programme, says: “We are now working to firmly establish the Clinical and Service Change Programme.”

“This will support us in preparing for our move to the New Hospital, whilst at the same time using this as an opportunity to work more efficiently, not only within and between departments in our current hospital, but also between primary and secondary care.”

“It will be the responsibility of the Change Programme to ensure the changes are planned, implemented and sustained across the organisation.   This will put us in a good place to meet the changing health and social care needs of the population of Dumfries and Galloway over the next 20+ years.”

John Knox adds: “This is a fairly complex programme of change which needs to be delivered within a short timeframe, and to make sure that we get things right, we need to ensure our workstream structure is appropriate, with full representation from the appropriate clinical and non-clinical areas.”

“Staff will be given the opportunity to become involved with the programme and workstreams in the coming months. The programme links hand-in-hand with the New Hospital, Health and Social Care Integration, Cresswell Re-development and many of our Information Technology projects.”

Staff are being urged to keep up-to-speed with the changes coming via the #ontheground staff newsletter, social media, notice boards, staff engagement sessions and speaking to their managers/teams. John, or one of his team, is more than happy to meet with individual teams if requested.

Regular updates will be provided.

Latest C&SCP News

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A number of workstreams have been established to take forward the action planning and delivery of the programme plan, as appropriate to their clinical or non-clinical area. Details of the Workstreams (together with Chairs) are shown below; these may be adjusted as the Change Programme develops.

Administrative Support ( N Hamlet)
Critical Care Unit (D Johnstone)
Emergency Care Centre (incl Out of Hours) (K Donaldson)
Facilities Management (D Bryson)
Gynaecology, Maternity and Paediatric OPD (H Currie)
Imaging/ Clinical Physiology/ Vascular Laboratory (J Pollard)
Laboratories (E Bell)
Neonatal Unit (H Armstrong)
Out-of-Hours (J Pollard)
Maternity – Ward (J Reekie)
Out-patient Department (J Pollard)
Paediatrics – Ward (A Hogg)
Pharmacy Department (M Pratt)
Theatre Services (W Wrathall)
Wards (incl LOS & Acute Rehabilitation) (D Johnstone)
Workforce and Transition (P Jamieson)
Cluden Services (L Nicholson)
Cresswell Re-development (J Knox)

Further information on membership of the Workstreams will be shortly advised.