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Independent Sector and Health and Social Care Integration

The Independent Sector is very much engaged with the integration of adult health and social care. Our new plans to support the Independent Sector to engage as a full and equal partner have been approved. This means the sector will have better resources to inform, engage and involve care providers across Dumfries and Galloway to support the integration process.

What do we mean by “the Independent Sector”?

“The Independent Sector encompasses individuals, employers, and organisations who contribute to needs assessment, design, planning, commissioning and delivery of a broad spectrum of social care services, which are wholly or partially independent of the public sector. The independent social care sector in Scotland includes care homes, care at home, housing support and day care services. The sector encompasses those traditionally referred to as the ‘private’ sector and the ‘voluntary’ sectors of care provision. It includes organisations of varying types and sizes, amongst them single providers, small and medium sized groups, national providers and not-for-profit voluntary organisations, associations and charities.”

What are we planning to do to support integration?

We’re already involved in many of the regional meetings, including the Organisational Development Workstream. We also attend and contribute to the work of all 4 Locality Planning groups and many of the associated working groups.

Going forward our overall aim is “To improve the sustainability of (complex) Care Provision in Dumfries and Galloway throughout the period of transformational change to 2020 and in response to changing needs.”

We know that there are challenging times ahead and that it is not sustainable to continue to deliver health and social care services in the same way as in the past. We also recognise and respect the current practical and financial challenges faced by care providers in Dumfries and Galloway. For example, the recruitment and retention of care at home and care home staff.

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Meet the Team

Volunteer representatives:

  • Jim Gatherum, Scottish Care Branch Chair Dumfries and Galloway (Care Homes)
  • Margaret Paterson, Scottish Care Branch Chair Dumfries and Galloway (Care at Home)

Team members:

Dr. Sue Newberry, Scottish Care Associate.

  • supporting the development of Locality and Regional Plans, member of the Strategic Planning Group and Organisational Development Workstream, team leader for R&D Activities and project lead for several initiatives to support the Independent Sector including Life Long Living and Abuse Aware.

Carylann Williamson & Jenny Henderson, Project Leads, Community Dementia Partners Education Programme

  • delivering a brand new practical education programme for family carers, professional carers and partner team members to aid their roles supporting people affected by dementia.

Chris Fyles, Project Lead, Technology Advocate Services

  • delivering practical support to care providers to enhance their use and exploitation of technology to support quality care services.

Elaine McCourtney, Project Lead, Enjoying Life Programme

  • reviewing how older people and their carers can get better access to local activities and helping to inform improvements so that everyone can be “Enjoying Life” regardless of where they happen to live.

To reach any member of team members please call 08456 434 686

Scottish Care’s regional Branch Chairs for Care Homes and Care at Home providers and Scottish Care’s Associate are very actively involved in the integration of adult health and social care in Dumfries and Galloway. The Associate role was added to the team in July 2013, supported initially by Putting You First.

In Dumfries and Galloway the Independent Sector provides around 80% of the care at home services and 100% of care home places, which is considerably higher than the Scottish average.

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