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Nithsdale makes up approximately one quarter of the total area of Dumfries and Galloway. It is a diverse locality containing rural areas, smaller towns and villages and Dumfries, the region’s largest town.

59,217 people live in Nithsdale which is 39% of the whole population of Dumfries and Galloway.

By 2037 we expect:

  • 1 in 3 people to be aged over 65 years instead of 1 in 5 currently
  • The number of 85 year olds to double
  • Over 4300 people aged 65 and over to live alone
  • The number of 15 to 64 year olds to have declined by 25%

Locality Plan

Nithsdale Locality Plan

Latest News

The final Nithsdale Locality Plan was launched on 1st April 2016.

To access the full plan, please view here.
To access an ‘easy read’ version, please view here.

Nithsdale Integration Newsletters

Nithsdale Newsletter September 2016

Nithsdale Newsletter August 2016

For audio versions of previous editions, please click here.

Nithsdale Health & Social Care Reference Group

The Nithsdale Health & Social Care Reference Group is a sub-group of Nithsdale Health & Wellbeing Partnership.  It was formed in June 2013 to develop a locality-based forum that would link into the integration process.  The group continues to meet bi-monthly, with the on going aim of enabling effective engagement with a wide range of partners and service users.  The Nithsdale Integration Newsletter is produced by this group.

For meeting notes visit here.

Locality Manager

Alison Solley, Locality Manager


Alison Solley is the Health and Social Care Partnership’s Locality Manager in Nithsdale, responsible for taking forward health and social care integration in the area, shaping local services to meet the needs of individuals in their communities.

Case Study

Collaborative working within Dumfries Health & Social Care Hub.

The Dumfries Health and Social Care Hub brings together staff from the NHS, Social Work and the Third Sector so that they can collaborate to deliver better outcomes for people.

Staff within the hub are ambassadors for integration, identifying opportunities where working together and sharing resources can improve results.

It is great working in a wider team and being able to learn from other staff experiences.

Mindfulness and Living Life to the Full 

These life skills courses can be used to alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress and low mood. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of the body, mind and feelings in the present moment; it’s a form of secular meditation, which helps people cope better with day to day stresses, feel calmer and more content. Living Life to the Full is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and enables individuals to deal more positively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Both programmes are being rolled out in Nithsdale.

Useful Documents and Links

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Central Heating System

Mr and Mrs Clarke are both in their 90s and have lived in their detached, pre-fabricated bungalow for the past 30 years having chosen the property as their retirement home. The bungalow was heated by a back boiler and coal fire. In June 2015, their chimney sweep Simon Llewellyn of AbleSweep was carrying out a routine clean of the chimney when he noticed that the back boiler was leaking. He condemned the boiler and, having concerns for his clients’ welfare with no heating and limited hot water, contacted Andy Todman, Care & Repair Manager for Dumfries & Galloway.

Andy then referred the case to Lucy Brown, Community Liaison Officer of Home Energy Scotland (HES), to carry out a visit and assess if HES could provide any assistance. The visit was carried out promptly and Lucy determined the couple required urgent assistance and should be treated as an Occupational Therapy (OT) referral as opposed to waiting for the new tranche of HES funding to be released in September.

The formal OT referral was received by Care & Repair in July. In discussion with the Clarkes, it was agreed that the coal fire needed to be removed and an electric heating system installed to replace it. The works were instructed to a local firm in September and completed in October, just 4 months after the chimney sweep’s initial visit.

Both Mr and Mrs Clarke are delighted with their new electric Rointe heating system and are finding it much easier and cleaner to use than their former coal fire. The works were completed within 1 day and the installer visited again a few days later to ensure all was working correctly.

Thanks to promotional partnership work through The Hub – your Community Action Centre’s Winter Warmth for Older People Project, the chimney sweep was aware of Care & Repair and was able to make the referral. Had this not been done, Mr and Mrs Clarke may have waited some time before any assistance was forthcoming. As it was, this case demonstrates exemplar inter-agency working with involvement and coordination from AbleSweep, Home Energy Scotland, the Occupational Therapy Service, Care & Repair and the local contractor.

The Living Well

The Living Well helps you to find activities and services related to improving health and wellbeing, in your community.