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The Strategic Needs Assessment for Adult Health and Social Care is a collection of evidence from a wide range of sources, brought together to help inform the Dumfries and Galloway Integration Joint Board’s Strategic Commissioning Plan. The evidence includes statistics and quotes from people who have been consulted about aspects of health and social care.

In line with the health and social care strategic cycle, the needs assessment is updated once every 3 years.  The second edition of the Strategic Needs Assessment is currently under development and is due to be published mid 2018.

Below are links to draft versions of this second edition of the Strategic Needs Assessment and its’ executive summary.

Please note: These versions are draft and therefore subject to change.  It is unlikely however, that figures will change as most have been sourced from existing published reports.  Currently, the narrative, reportage and interpretation of figures are being reviewed before final publication and the design and layout of the needs assessment is being finalised.

Strategic Needs Assessment 2018 DRAFT
Strategic Needs Assessment Executive Summary 2018 DRAFT